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September 1, 2015

The generation gap of the late 20th century was in itself nothing new.  But the explosion of youth culture in the 1960s, with its  questioning of all traditional authorities, has resulted in an older generation deeply pitying of the subservience of its pre-war forbears.  READ REASON 3


Reason 2 Speaking Your Mind

February 16, 2015

CHAPTER 2 OF    20 REASONS YOU WON’T GROW OLD LIKE THIS: How ageing is changing in the 21st century.

Of all the ways in which ageing is changing, refusing to be told what to think, or caring much what others think of what you think, is perhaps the most basic.  Most post-war educated people, that is, those who started school after World War II (1939-1945), are as noisily critical as former generations were outwardly compliant …


Reason 1 Letting it all hang out

December 7, 2012

The first chapter of 20  Reasons You Won’t Grow Old Like This: How ageing is changing in the 21st century  –

For most people born after 1950, spilling out emotions and fears is normal. The post-war elevation of self-exposure to a primal need and right is one reason why today’s new old have abandoned the traditional stiff upper lip, secrecy and refusal to disclose or introspect of past older generations …