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Graphology – The Function of the Semiotic Principle in establishing the claims of a pseudo or proto-science (graphology) to the status of empirical science

September 15, 2013

Before going into academic philosophy as a mature student in 1986 I had published three books on graphology, and been the Research Officer for The British Institute of Graphologists.  On being challenged in philosophy departments about this “irrational” topic I argued that graphology is not esoteric, but intensely analytical. It is the study of regular patterns and shapes directly created by impulses from the brain. I wrote this paper as a response to criticism, and it was immediately published in Semiotica 102-3/4 (1994), 251-278.

Function of the Semiotic Principle ..


Reason 1 Letting it all hang out

December 7, 2012

The first chapter of 20  Reasons You Won’t Grow Old Like This: How ageing is changing in the 21st century  –

For most people born after 1950, spilling out emotions and fears is normal. The post-war elevation of self-exposure to a primal need and right is one reason why today’s new old have abandoned the traditional stiff upper lip, secrecy and refusal to disclose or introspect of past older generations …