Articles on Spinoza by Margaret Gullan-Whur

‘Telling stories of their lives.’  The Philosophers Magazine (7) Summer 1999

‘Spinoza – A Life Within Reason?’  The Graphologist (Journal of The British Institute of Graphologists) Vol.17  No.2 Issue 63  1999

‘A millenarian frenzy that came and went.’   The Tuesday Review, The Independent,  4 January 2000

‘Spinoza and the equality of women.’  Theoria Vol.LXVIII. Pt 2, Spring 2003 

‘Biography, philosophy and the philosopher’s reputation.’ Avalon, University of Coruna (1), May 2003

‘Baruch Spinoza’ in Great Thinkers A-Z,  Continuum Books, 2004

An earlier version of this essay was first published  as ‘Spinoza Snapshot’  in The Philosophers Magazine (15) 2001 

 See also  My Ph.D. thesis A Perspective on the Mind-Body Problem, With Particular Reference to the Philosophy of Spinoza can be read online at The School of Advanced Study, University of London.

BUY:  Within Reason: A Life of Spinoza by Margaret Gullan-Whur (Jonathan Cape, 1998) Hardback  £8 including UK p&p. Contact

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