The longevity revolution of the past half-century

How the age-shift has developed in Britain 1951-2008

N.B. The UK Office of National Statistics currently defines over 60s as pensioners (i.e. men above 65, women above 60)

The charts show the post-World War II birth-boom generation moving on through the age groups from 1951 like a bulge passing through a snake.  At present many of that generation are still enlarging the 16-64 workforce.   The fear is that, while they move on towards the 85+ age group, the under 16 age group is shrinking, meaning that there will be a decreasing proportion of tax-payers to support them. 

No projections are included here as they are admitted by the Office of National Statistics to be unreliable.  They are dependent on future birth rates and altered state pension ages, as yet unknown.   

UK population by age group 1951


UK population by age group 2001 

 UK population by age group 2008


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