The advanced countries where growing old is changing

Group-order of life expectancy at the age of 60 (both sexes), due to high distribution of  GDP per capita. 

Highest life expectancy:   77 – 79.5 years

Japan,  Switzerland, San Marino, Andorra,

Monaco, Australia, Norway, New Zealand,

France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark

Luxembourg , The Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland 


 Life expectancy  75 – 77.1 years

 Canada, United States, Greenland,Germany,

Sweden, United Kingdom, Israel, Latvia, Estonia 

Source:  World Health Organisation 2000  5.3-6.0

N.B.  Israel, Latvia and Estonia have developed fast in recent decades.   High life expectancy is dependent on good health from birth, which the World Health Organisation links to being raised as children in a generous GDP system. 

 Large population proportions of immigrants from developing countries therefore lower a nation’s average life expectancy.  Also, their way of ageing is less influenced by post-World War II liberal culture.    

In all these countries female life expectancy is higher than the male-female averages given.

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