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  I am the author of  Within Reason: A Life of Spinoza (Jonathan Cape 1998 and Pimlico 2000) Dutch edition Spinoza: Een leven volgens de rede (Lemniscaat Rotterdam 2000)

      The Four Elements: the traditional theory of the humours, and why they are still relevant (Century  1987)

     and a work completed in draft –

    20 Reasons You Won’t Grow Old Like This: How ageing is changing in the 21st century

Read 20 Reasons online, using the links on the right.   There is a copy in the British Library, and a few printed copies  are available via the email address on this Homepage.

Reason 1 Letting it all hang out is now uploaded.

Reason 2 Speaking Your Mind is now uploaded

I gained a First Class degree in philosophy and critical theory of literature at the University of East Anglia, and have a Ph.D. in philosophy from London University (UCL)

My Ph.D. thesis  ‘A Perspective on the Mind-Body Problem, with particular reference to the philosophy of Spinoza’  has a link under Blogroll on the right.

Papers and articles on Spinoza are listed on the right – many more from my backlist are yet to be uploaded.

Recently uploaded:-

The Function of the Semiotic Principle in establishing the claims of a pseudo or proto-science (graphology) to the status of empirical science ..   Semiotica 102-3/4 (1994)

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