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I hope you’ll also use the link to my new blogsite.  I’ve decided that the time has come to share the real-life value of my academic training.  Philosophy’s too good to be locked up in an ivory tower, and there’s no concept in the jargon of analytic philosophy that can’t be put just as well in ordinary language. This seems to me a suitable mind-set for an inclusive 21st century.

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I am the author of  Within Reason: A Life of Spinoza (Jonathan Cape 1998 and Pimlico 2000) Dutch edition Spinoza: Een leven volgens de rede (Lemniscaat Rotterdam 2000)

I gained a First Class degree in philosophy and critical theory of literature at the University of East Anglia, and have a Ph.D. in philosophy from London University (UCL)

My Ph.D. thesis  ‘A Perspective on the Mind-Body Problem, with particular reference to the philosophy of Spinoza’  has a link under Blogroll on the right.

Papers and articles on Spinoza are listed on the right – many more from my backlist are yet to be uploaded.


20 Reasons You Won’t Grow Old Like This: How ageing is changing in the 21st century

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Reason 1 Letting it all hang out is now uploaded.

Reason 2 Speaking Your Mind is now uploaded

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The Function of the Semiotic Principle in establishing the claims of a pseudo or proto-science (graphology) to the status of empirical science ..   Semiotica 102-3/4 (1994)

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The Four Elements: the traditional theory of the humours, and why they are still relevant (Century  1987)

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